A Month of Sundays – November

November Speakers

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November 5, 2017

Judi Siegal
Todah: The Jewish Expression of Gratitude
Judi Siegal will explore humanity”s connection with gratefullness through the ages with focus on the ancient Israelites and Jews today. Judi will also include a story of the first Thanksgiving which she has written for this presentation.


November 12, 2017

Cliff Jackson
Aden’s Introduction to Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Life sends us challenges. Often we have no choice in what comes our way. Surrounded by the shambles of what was, it is often difficult to see a clear way forward. Cliff has always enjoyed solving puzzles. Recently Cliff’s daughter presented a problem with his grandson. Pieces of that puzzle, a grampa, a grandson, an illness, a soul matters packet, a dusty little book that has sat on a shelf for 30 years and an ocean come together to show a clear path for a new way forward. We may not have a choice in what comes our way, but we do have a choice in how we live with it.


November 19, 2017

Barry Pendry
Into the Forest of Grief: Awakening in the face of impermanence.
In July, 2017 Barry unexpectedly lost his beloved dog “Muffin”. Muffin was a 6.5 pound schnauzer that accompanied Barry for nine years in work and play. Muffin served as a therapy dog at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida where she visited children with acute illness, cancer, kidney disease, developmental delays and so forth. Barry’s loss of Muffin led him to the exploration of grief as a path to awakening in the face of impermanence. This talk reviews grief from various perspectives and provides guidance in dealing with grief and loss with emphasis on using the experience as a stimulus for living an awakened life with caring and compassion at its core.


November 26, 2017

Rev. Dr. Sara E. Zimmerman
Into the Woods with Ralph Waldo Emerson: Sources of Unitarianism
This sermon is organized around nine of Emerson’s journal entries dating from 1822 to 1842. In these intensely personal, sometimes beautiful, occasionally angry, private notations, Emerson shares his most private feelings about – and observations of — nature. Three themes that emerge from these journal entries are also the basis for his essay “Nature.” From these writings of Emerson, we can see the emergence of his idea of “The Oversoul” and his influence on transcendental ideas in today’s Unitarianism.


All Sunday Services begin at 10:30 AM.

Please join us after the service for coffee and refreshments followed by a “Talkback Q&A Session” with our speaker.