President’s Message

Joe Verdi


With gratitude to Bill Howart, he will donate a canopy for our outside patio. This will expand our space for service and events. The patio will also be pressured washed.

Kind thanks to Chef Andy LaToure for his many wonderful sweet treats,😊 pure gourmet.

Crime watch update:

Debit cards are a liability, they are easily comprised and no guarantee of replacement of your funds.

Suggestion- Debit Cards are a liability. No guarantee of funds replacement when compromised.

Credit Cards are much safer.

Beverly Hills Post Office outside mailbox was pried open with a crowbar. Mail was stolen. Checks were bleached with funds stolen, checks made out for large amounts. Also, putting checks in your personal mailbox outside are at risk too, even with flag up.

Remember to lock your car at all times. Thieves steal out of unlocked NOT locked ones. Never leave firearms in unlocked cars.

God Speed,
Joe Verdi President