President’s Message

Joe Verdi


Great monthly meeting August 13, 2018.

We welcomed in John Comer as our New Treasurer. For reimbursement please ask for a Request Form from John Comer, the Treasurer. Place in self-addressed stamped envelope, with the receipt and place in collection plate and a check will be mailed to you.

Thanks to Bree Hill for chair realignment in sanctuary to meet Disability Code.

Beginning of Service is taking too much time. Speaker is not starting on time. I got an email from Joe Wetzel about speaker not starting till 11:15-11:20am. Speaker is to get 30 minutes to speak on their Topic. If running late Service Committee needs to drop last hymn.

nnouncements need to be shortened. We are no longer reading announcements unless they are scheduled, such as BOD Meeting or Pot Luck etc. The announcements will be in a printout in the Order of Service and also posted on the Bulletin Board in the Foyer. Amy will also be putting them on website.

We will be announcing to silence cell phones and save conversation until coffee hour out of respect for the Service and Speaker. They will also do the Welcoming to Sunday Service and the rest of the order of service as before.

There needs to be 3-4 Board Members to monitor the email address: [email protected]. The password was given out to all Board Members for them to help monitor this new website and email.

Handicap Signs: I have ordered 2 more Handicap Signs as needed for now. We shall have a total of 4 signs available. The new two signs will be to the left of the existing ones.

nouncements will now go to: [email protected]. Please title Announcements.

God Speed,
Joe Verdi, President