President’s Message




Upon asking our fellowship’s visitors, “How did you hear about us?”, most responses are, “Through the internet”. This is the age of the computer, and most of us use the computer to do just about everything that we used to do via the phone book or the encyclopedia, which have pretty much become obsolete.

Jean McCauley inherited our fellowship’s website from Bill Chess, long ago. She managed the duty for many years, but due to outside work related issues, she needed to turn this task over to someone else who was computer savvy and willing to expand the website exposure. Enter Gordon Hart and Amy Haiken.

Using Gordon’s own words: “For my part, I agreed to take it on because we lost our webmaster and didn’t have the budget to hire another one. The old site had been handed down form one person to another, and it needed to be more concise.

I enlisted the services of to set up a test site, and started populating it with the features that the congregation said they wanted. Those include Google maps, pictures, a calendar and links to the UUA among others.

Once the concept was working, I had Gainesville Computer set up an actual staging site on the host server and went bumbling about creating what was to become the real thing.

At that point, a very talented software engineer with website developments skills, Amy Haiken, came to my rescue and saved the day.”

Here are Amy’s words: “I looked over the website and saw that it had only one page, so I looked over each segment of the page and determined what text belonged to a particular subject matter. Then analyzed it, and came up with the navigation names at the top of the page, and formatted each of the pages with HTML code. HTML is the web programming language that formats text, links, videos and images on a webpage. In order to make each page font consistent, I standardized the fonts for each type of text that was placed on the page. I also decided to put a lot of Gordon’s amazing photos of the Nature Coast, to keep with the theme of our fellowship. Gordon and I had a bit of an issue with bandwidth, and we brought in Gordon and Connie’s son Kevin to help determine the cause”.

Kevin’s help did the trick, and now the website runs smoothly and beautifully.

Amy and Gordon continue to run the website and encourage the congregation to send either of them content for the website to share.

We are so very grateful to Amy, Gordon, and Kevin for helping create our new website.

Please visit: and check it out, it’s beautiful.

The final weeks of the pledge drive are underway to support our next year’s budget. There has been excellent support by the congregation. However, there are several pledge forms still to be handed in. Please add any outstanding pledges to the wicker basket in the foyer. We are asking for pledges at this times. Payment for the pledges can be made at a time of your choosing.