President’s Message

Rob DeRemer



I would like to talk about the book I read and took to heart and have shared with a number of people. The book is called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

The first agreement is:
Be impeccable with your word.

I would say most of us live by this agreement already. Everybody I come in contact with gives their word and keeps it.

The second agreement is:
Don’t take anything personally.

This one for me has changed a lot of things. I was sure when somebody was telling me something it was about me personally and when I started not taking everything that was said personally, and stepping back from what was said, I realized most of what happens is about the speaker not the person they are speaking to. This is to say, the speaker comes from a different place with their thoughts and actions. By not taking it personally and becoming offended, we can listen and hopefully receive more information and clarify what is being said.

The third agreement is:
Don’t make assumptions.

The third agreement made a big difference for me. Everybody is different and has a different back ground and was raised in different part of the country and learned things that made them unique. So you can’t assume that they know the same thing you know. That is why communication is key to understanding what is going on.

The four agreement:
Always do your best.

This one is possibly the hardest one because it easier to take a shortcut. But I find it a good reminder fore what we need to do each day.

Well in closing, the book is very interesting to me and probably the best self-help book I ever read.

Barbara is now home and feeling better. She is still receiving physical therapy and doing well.