NCUU Pledges

Our Fellowship is still functioning and has ongoing expenses. Click the above link if you are viewing this on your email to watch the video. We will be “open and up and running” as soon as it is safe. Please find it in your generous hearts to keep your pledges and gifts up to date. Many thanks to all of you. Checks should be sent to:

Nature Coast Unitarian Universalist
P.O. Box 94
Holder, FL 34445

Connie Hart

Caring Committee

Wanda Brown, Abby Madeiros and John Comer have offered to assist in calling people in our Congregation who may need to be cheered or just chat. Thank you! If you know of a person in the Congregation who is ailing, hospitalized or in need of cheer, please let me know, and one of us will do so.

This past month:
Ned Davis had an ablation and then had a pacemaker put in. He is doing much better!
Charlotte Langley is not doing well in her nursing home rather isolated. She can’t get to the phone or have visitors.
Sandy Sondheim broke his leg hiking, is home after surgery and is “scootering” around.
John Comer’s father is back at John’s house after leg surgery, and is doing better.
Everyone try to stay well and healthy!
June Wetzel continues with Hospice care at home.

Best wishes,
Connie Hart, Caring

A Survey is Coming!

Together we can make it happen!

Do you have a great idea or ability you can share with NCUU?

By now you should have received a Committee Survey via e blast or mail, if you don’t have email. This is from the NCUU Council of Committees (Committee Chairs).

  • Please click on the link and watch the video first. (Thanks, Amy!)
  • Then read about what responsibilities and activities each Committee does.
  • Fill out the form with what Committee(s) you are already in or are interested in joining.
  • Submit the form or mail it back in the stamped envelope.

Thanks for assisting us to include you in all we do!

Many thanks,
Connie Hart, V.P. and The Council of Committees

Media and Technology Committee

Please use the following request form for scheduling a Zoom meeting:
Zoom scheduling link.

Gordon Hart ([email protected]) will put the meeting on the calendar, and either Gordon or Amy will create the Zoom session and send the link to the host’s email address. If you are sending a meeting request that is fewer than 7 days in advance, the form should be filled out and you should call either Gordon or Amy to alert us. The Zoom link will be included in the meeting’s detail section in the regular calendar. The host can then share the Zoom link with the committee members.

Newsletter and Website

All request entries should now be sent to the email address [email protected]. That will make it easier to keep all requests organized in one place.

There is a misunderstanding that the website will be updated when members send in a request. For the most part, the website will be updated once a month. If time permits, there will be occasional updates to the announcement or Sunday service webpages. We’re unable to accept new requests during the newsletter/website monthly update period, due to time constraints. If there is an immediate need for the information to be available for all members and friends, an email should be sent.

Grounds Workday

Even if NCUU is closed right now, plants and weeds keep growing! If you are looking for a way to get out of the house, maintain social distancing (6ft to whatever you comfortable with) and get some fresh air and exercise, Sally and I would be happy for you to join us on the first Friday every month between sunup and 11 AM. Even if it is for just a hour before the heat builds up, you are welcome!

Upcoming Election

Based upon the letter that the UUA lawyer distributed, members of our fellowship can participate politically within the congregation. Please refer to Davis Senseman’s letter in the last section of this newsletter (question and answer 4). I would like to create a group of members and their friends to utilize an organization that sends postcards to voters. I have used this organization in the past, and they were very influential in helping particular candidates that hold similar values to UU principles.

Please let me know by email: [email protected] if you are interested.


Citrus County’s Centennial celebration

NCUU has supported Citrus County’s Centennial celebration plans. Originally scheduled as a live event on August 22, we have been forced by Covid-19 to go virtual.

A video of a shortened version of the program is being made, and will be posted on a number of sites including NCUU’s face book. Featured in the video will be: Sally Smith-Adams, Pam Ricker, Maralyn Boysen, and Jean McCauley. Members of the NCUU Board generously contributed to the costs. The first airing will be online of the face book of Citrus Centennial of Women’s Suffrage.

The County libraries will also celebrate by showing the video on August 22, at 11 AM, at Central Ridge Library. The branch libraries will show it the following week. The libraries practice social distancing and masking.

Linda Myers,

Past Speaker In The News

One of our past speakers, Lucille Davis, had a front page article in the Chronicle on the role of black women in Amendment 19 and beyond. Sunday May 10, front page of the Commentary section. If you missed it, she is giving another talk, August 11 for the League of Women Voters — it may be zoomed. I will let you know.

Linda Myers

UU the Vote Phone banking with New Florida Majority, July 30, August 6 & 13

Hello Florida UUs!

UU the Vote is very excited to launch a partnership with the New Florida Majority ( New Florida Majority (NFM) is working to turnout millions of voters in Florida. They are reaching out to people who are marginalized and get targeted for voter suppression. They are also reaching out more broadly as people are concerned about the pandemic, about policing and criminal justice reform, systemic racism, climate change and how all this relates to the elections. We’re very grateful for their work. Supporting this progressive statewide community organization is very much appreciated – and needed! Do take a look at their website, you’ll be inspired.

We will be hosting three phone banks on Thursday evenings — July 30, August 6, and August 13 from 6:00-8:00 pm ET.

Please sign up for the July 30 phone bank at We’ll have sign up links for the August 6th and August 13th phone banks soon.

When you sign up you’ll receive more info and the zoom link for the event, so make sure to save it! They will also be sending out more specific information about the script and who and where we are calling as we get closer to July 30th.

New Florida Majority staff will be orienting and training us. We’ll be using the Open Virtual Phone Bank platform to make our calls. You will need a phone (for audio) and a laptop, tablet, or iPad. The platform will be doing the dialing automatically for us, and we’ll record people’s answers on our laptops etc. We’ll get trained right at the phone bank. We’ll be together on Zoom for our training and can check in throughout the phone bank with our trainers if questions arise as we’re making our calls. It’s a great system and easy to do.

This is an all hands on deck moment! Please sign up and help us recruit more volunteers. You can forward this message, send people the sign up link, send it to your lists, post in your newsletters, and share the sign up link on Facebook. We have a goal of 150 UUs and friends in Florida making calls! If everyone recruits 2-4 people we can make and even surpass that goal. People understand what a crucial moment we are in, in Florida, and in our nation.

We hold the phone banks on Zoom so that we are able to make our phone calls together. We gather in, get oriented, trained in the first 30 minutes of the phone, make our calls for an hour and half, and debrief and celebrate our results at the end of the session. Working this way is fulfilling, faithful, and fun! I’m so glad to be in it with you!

In faith & hopefulness,
Susan Leslie | Unitarian Universalist Association

Special Message to the NCUU Congregation from
the Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee would like to encourage members of the NCUU Congregation to become active in writing letters to newspapers and legislative offices in support of UU principles in light of emerging crises. We cannot ignore the fact that an unprecedented suite of threats is converging and interacting in very negative ways. The pandemic, climate change, racial tensions, voter suppression, and economic inequities are reinforcing each other by the day and despite the encouraging recent ruling by SCOTUS, LGBTQ acceptance still has far to go. The future of the US and the world will depend on an immediate awakening to the urgent need for change. Many Nature Coast residents and policy makers are especially in need of being “woke”.

One thing our members can do is to help bring about that awakening by writing letters to newspapers, Congressional offices and state Legislators. Letters from as many members as possible is the goal. This does not necessarily mean that everyone has to compose something original. Messages from UUA, UUSC, Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists, League of Women Voters etc. can be repackaged. The Social Justice Committee is willing to help draft or edit things for others to submit. But we need multiple voices and signatures.

To avoid potential violations of our 501(c)3 status and UUA guidelines, it may be best for us not to explicitly represent NCUU but simply to do this as individuals. Statements representing NCUU positions must be approved unanimously by the Board of Directors and must be consistent with UUA recommendations.

If you have topics that you would like to address and would like help from SJC in the form of draft text modules, edits or names and addresses of your state and federal representatives
please contact Don Wright ([email protected]). The simplest way to submit letters to the editors of local newspapers is to do it online.
The hyperlinks for the Citrus County Chronicle and Tampa Bay Times are respectively:
Gordon Hart and Linda Myers have assembled lists of contact information for our Federal and State Legislators
and we can send that information out separately on request. To find your Florida legislator,
go to and For Marion County,
go to

US Senator Marco Rubio
284 Russell Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-3041

US Senator Rick Scott
B3 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-5274
Email: [email protected]

Social Justice is a defining attribute of Unitarian Universalism; we must avoid silence in these perilous times of upheaval and cultural evolution.

Website Menubar Has Changed

I have made an update to the NCUU website menu. The current Sunday Service listing will be the menu item: ‘Current Sunday Services’; the past Sunday Service Youtube videos will be the menu item: ‘Past Sunday Service Videos’. Both menu items will reside under ‘Events’ on the menu bar as illustrated in the blue highlighted area.


Loving Energy by Pam Reader

Pam Reader, one of our newest members, is a nurse, counselor and hypnotherapist. Pam has created a hypnotherapy session that she would like to share with all of our fellowship, especially with us all going through this stressful time with Coronavirus. It is highly recommended.

Thanks Pam!

Let’s Connect!

During this time of uncertainty, let’s stay connected to each other. Please take a moment to call, text or email a member or two each day. Calls are especially nice for those who don’t have email, are ailing or are grieving. Just check the newly revised Directory, print or save it and use it to help lift the spirit of our members.

Thank you!

Please remember that the deadline for the next Newsletter is August 22 2020. Please Adhere To This Deadline, Otherwise The Newsletter And Website Won’t Be Updated On-Time, or it won’t appear in the issue.

Send to: [email protected] and put ‘For Newsletter’ in the subject line.

“Share the Plate”
to be Initiated by NCUU

On the second Sunday of each month we will take a second offering that will be donated to a different local charity every month. Charities will be selected by the Social Justice Committee. “Share the Plate” is practiced by many UU fellowships, suggested and sanctioned by the UUA, and will promote more visibility in our community.

A Word of Gratitude – Thank you for the generous donations to the Bridge Project in Dunnellon.
– Linda Myers

UU the Vote

Unitarian Universalists have been part of every movement in US history, and we are ready to show up for the 2020 election like never before. Our forebears and ancestors gave us the blueprints for seeking justice in the world and speaking truth to power.

Please click here for more information.


Some love Facebook; some hate Facebook. The truth is: its just a tool; a means to reach others. We post on Face book to tell about ourselves and our activities and invite like minded people to join us. FB has the potential of reaching many people in our networks if we “share.”

I have noticed that our wonderful posts are viewed by the same people. Not enough of these announcements are getting to new viewers. You would be helping us if you set up and use FB to view our sites and share. You would be helping yourself too, by being “in the know” more. If you need help, ask.

— Linda Myers

Announcement E-mail Address

Our email address for announcements: [email protected].

Sunday Service Leaders Needed

We have some terrific services planned for the winter and spring, but need Service Leaders. See Jeannie or Pam if you would like to know what is planned, and where the need is.

— Sunday Service Committee

Please Join Us on a Committee. Help Needed!

NCUU needs your help and assistance, especially if you don’t presently serve on any committees. Every little bit helps, so…

Please talk to a BoD member of Committee Chairperson about your interests in joining in the work of our congregation.

Social Activities Committee

The Social Activities Committee is in need of volunteers to help plan Zoom Fun Activities. Some ideas include: Happy Social Hour, Bingo, and misc games. Contact Pam or Matthew if you can help. Thanks!