NCUU Pledges

Our Fellowship is still functioning and has ongoing expenses. Click the above link if you are viewing this on your email to watch the video. We will be “open and up and running” as soon as it is safe. Please find it in your generous hearts to keep your pledges and gifts up to date. Many thanks to all of you. Checks should be sent to:

Nature Coast Unitarian Universalist
P.O. Box 94
Holder, FL 34445

Connie Hart

Sunday Service Committee

If you would like to give feedback on any or all our speakers, please click the link and do so at any time. The Sunday Service Com. appreciates your input.



Vote Article by Margo Wilson

Margo Wilson wrote an amazing article about voting. Please visit our Community Connections webpage to read this article that discusses the history of voting, as well as important links to our tri-county Supervisor of Elections. Please feel free to share this article with your friends!


Bingo Night!


How about a fun night with Bingo on Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 7 p.m.? This will be instead of the weekly “Connect With Conversation.” Please send Amy an email at: [email protected] if you are interested, and I will send you Bingo cards for the evening.


Book Club

Book Club

Read a good book lately? The NCUU is starting up the book club again. Those who are interested please contact me at [email protected].

Thank you,

Message from the Social Justice Committee

As we all are acutely aware, these are unprecedented times. Not simply because of the pandemic and racial injustice, but also because of the complex interconnections among the pandemic, climate change, racial injustice, economic decline and unemployment. The sidelining of science and denial of factual information by many of our leaders has exacerbated all of these situations. The fact that the US has 4% of the world’s population but 21% of the world’s coronavirus deaths is evidence that ignorance and denial can be lethal. In the years ahead, projections indicate that denial of climate change and refusal to either reduce carbon emissions or plan for adaptation is likely to be even more lethal for future generations. Racial unrest is destined to continue so long as leaders and the general public continue to deny and fail to address the existence of systemic racism. And, tragically, it is people of color and the poor who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 and the impacts of global warming.

As Unitarian Universalists, there are some things that we can do to help make politicians and the public more aware of the changes in attitude and lifestyle that our future depends on. For starters, we can write letters to politicians and newspapers and we can support charitable organizations, such as UU Justice Florida ( , UU Service Committee ( , Black Lives Matter, the NAACP ( ,
the Sierra Club ( and our local and regional food banks. Most importantly, in the upcoming election we can vote for informed candidates, at all levels of government, who are committed to social and environmental justice. The Social Justice Committee welcomes all who may like to join.


Media and Technology Committee

Please use the following request form for scheduling a Zoom meeting:
Zoom scheduling link.

Gordon Hart ([email protected]) will put the meeting on the calendar, and either Gordon or Amy will create the Zoom session and send the link to the host’s email address. If you are sending a meeting request that is fewer than 7 days in advance, the form should be filled out and you should call either Gordon or Amy to alert us. The Zoom link will be included in the meeting’s detail section in the regular calendar. The host can then share the Zoom link with the committee members.

Newsletter and Website

All request entries should now be sent to the email address [email protected]. That will make it easier to keep all requests organized in one place.

There is a misunderstanding that the website will be updated when members send in a request. For the most part, the website will be updated once a month. If time permits, there will be occasional updates to the announcement or Sunday service webpages. We’re unable to accept new requests during the newsletter/website monthly update period, due to time constraints. If there is an immediate need for the information to be available for all members and friends, an email should be sent.

Grounds Workday

Even if NCUU is closed right now, plants and weeds keep growing! If you are looking for a way to get out of the house, maintain social distancing (6ft to whatever you comfortable with) and get some fresh air and exercise, Sally and I would be happy for you to join us on the first Friday every month between sunup and 11 AM. Even if it is for just a hour before the heat builds up, you are welcome!

Stay Zoomed In for “Connect With

Each Wednesday at 7 p.m., members are invited to join us on Zoom. We discuss many subjects and have a great time conversing. We are planning some games and other activities, too, so stay tuned to your Tuesday e-blast reminder, or just go to the recurring link found in your email.
Join Zoom Meeting

Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 921 5031 1007P
Passcode: 196695
Your ideas for discussion are welcome. “See” you there!

Thank you!

Please remember that the deadline for the next Newsletter is November 21 2020. Please Adhere To This Deadline, Otherwise The Newsletter And Website Won’t Be Updated On-Time, or it won’t appear in the issue.

Send to: [email protected] and put ‘For Newsletter’ in the subject line.

“Share the Plate”

We have been blessed this active hurricane season by escaping, so far, the paths of the hurricanes. The unfortunate part is that people in the Gulf Shores have not been so lucky.

Therefore, our share of the plate partner will be a food bank along the Gulf Coast.

Please make your check payable to the NCUU or you can make it payable to: Feeding the Gulf Coast, 5248 Mobile S St., Theodore, AL 36582.

Thank you for your continuous generosity toward others in their time of need.

Yours in service

Caring Committee Steps Up to the

Many of our members are taking turns providing meals for Sheila and Mark Woods while Sheila undergoes chemotherapy. Thank you to these people who have already contributed or will contribute dishes in the future: Sally Smith-Adams, John Comer and Matthew Ciszewski, Amy Haiken, Connie Hart, Abby Madeiros, Jean McCauley, and Linda Myers. Bree Hill and Jean McCauley also have been helping Sheila with transportation. Thank you!

Also, please let me know if someone in our membership needs a call or other contact. The Caring Committee is here to assist.

Connie Hart 386-334-7684 [email protected]

Library Day

Alfons-Morales Unsplash

We are designating the first Friday of every month as the NCUU Library Day. The next one will be Nov. 6.

The building and the library will be open from 9 a.m. to noon.

You may use this time to:

— Check out and return books
— Donate books
— Help Tom Hibberd keep the library up to date and in order

Sunday Service Committee

If you would like to give feedback on any or all of our speakers, please click the link and do so at any time. The Sunday Service Committee appreciates your input.

The building and the library will be open from 9 a.m. to noon.


Announcement E-mail Address

Our email address for announcements: [email protected].

Social Activities Committee

The Social Activities Committee is in need of volunteers to help plan Zoom Fun Activities. Some ideas include: Happy Social Hour, Bingo, and misc games. Contact Pam or Matthew if you can help. Thanks!

Loving Energy by Pam Reader

Pam Reader, one of our newest members, is a nurse, counselor and hypnotherapist. Pam has created a hypnotherapy session that she would like to share with all of our fellowship, especially with us all going through this stressful time with Coronavirus. It is highly recommended.

Thanks Pam!