President’s Message


John Comer


As I sit here and contemplate my first words as President, I am in awe of the responsibility that I volunteered for. First and foremost, I want to thank our past president Rob DeRemer for such a great job. We are indebted to you.

This new fiscal year has started somewhat of a learning curve. We are using new technology to communicate with each other, not just at NCUU, but worldwide. We find ourselves in the midst of an invisible enemy that shows no signs of mercy. Everyday life has been turned upside down.

But in all of this we have seen some remarkable people step to the forefront against our enemy. Our hearts, prayers, vibes, or whatever you want to call it go out to the men and women on the frontlines. I am truly humbled to see these people run towards danger rather than from it.

I challenge each and every one of you to check up on one another. Just a simple phone call can do wonders for the soul.

I feel like I need to leave some sort of words of wisdom or inspiration quote. So, here it goes.
Never let anyone treat you like a yellow starburst. You are a pink starburst!

Yours in service,