President’s Message


As I pointed out in my last message, February is Black History Month and I hope that we can find new ways to engage and contribute to the needs of our diverse community that transcend and extend traditional approaches via demonstrations and charities. Of course, we should contribute financially as we are able. But we know that messages and caring communications are also important. We had a good turnout of NCUU members at the MLK celebration in Crystal River on January 15 and, I believe, made a few new friends. Some of the discussions and talks at that gathering reminded me of the urgency of maintaining an active social justice presence in our community. The year ahead promises to be filled with many challenges to the well-being of underprivileged and minority people, to the environment and climate, to objective education, and to Democracy at large.

I realize that we are a small congregation, and our collective voice may not be loud. But, as Unitarian Universalists, silence is unacceptable; we must engage. We should sustain our commitment to all aspects of social justice through renewed energization of our social justice committee. Please consider joining that committee if you are not already a member. Beginning in March, we intend to revive our Saturday afternoon Social and Environmental Justice Forums (formerly called “Kitchen Table Forums”) and we welcome suggestions for topics and speakers. We already have one strong candidate identified and will extend an invitation soon. As always, “Side with Love”. Remember: to side with love for today’s children and future generations, we should support climate justice now with our words, letters to representatives and newspapers, donations, and -of course- votes.

As I mentioned in my January message, the Board of Directors is considering engaging a quarter-time minister utilizing funds from the bequest to NCUU from Reverend Mary Louise DeWolf. If the Board approves advancing this initiative at its February meeting, all members of NCUU will receive details of the proposed search prior to voting for or against the proposal at the NCUU annual meeting in April.

Don Wright