President’s Message


What a whirlwind! And thank you for all the support! As of this writing two weeks from officially assuming the leadership of NCUU, four weeks since the voting, let me just say it’s been a whirlwind! There’s a time dilation to all of this, with newsletter deadline and all till you read my comments.

Lots to learn? Wow! Learning about and planning a Memorial Service, the First Fiscal Year ( for me) Board of Directors meeting, Sunday Service leader, and all along with learning the UUA General Assembly protocol and running into their announcements, newsletters, credentialing and now, connecting to their Sunday Service on the 23rd of June. I can see many reasons for growing our congregation!

A warm welcome to our newest members: Henry, Roland, Alex, Fred, Robin and Sheila. Now to find you all an active place in our very busy group! It’s a pleasure to have you with us.

And on to our future planning. Ahhh, if only a magic wand! And let’s not just wait for our winter-time friends and members. Write it out, describe what you might like to see it do, where and what your like for NCUU. Let’s dream and work together.

Hmmm, net-working! Who do you know? And, how do you tell them about us and NCUU? Let me suggest here, an education class and a networking class about Universalism and NCUU.

Till we meet again…. Chas