President’s Message

Joe Verdi


A misunderstanding occurred on Sunday Nov. 18, 2018. I was attempting to speak on taking a straw poll from the fellowship to build an enclosure on our patio to increases our Lobby space, which is limited, and our Fellowship is growing. It is time to do this project which has been promoted since 2012.

The Concert on Nov. 16 and 17 was a success. Kathryn Taubert and Sally Smith-Adams were fabulous along with the drummer. It was also a financial success too. Thanks to everyone.

The Thanksgiving Dinner at the Fellowship was also a success. Everyone had a fabulous meal with love and friendship. There were 25 people that attended.

Carol and Gordon Dinmore have done a great job with Family Christmas. They have purchased many gifts and are really helping out with their family needs. They raised $500. from the second collection and will be helping the Family Resource Center in Hernando.

God Speed,
Joe Verdi, President