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February 2024

Great Egret Gets a Tidbit

Services start at 10:30 a.m.

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Sunday, Feb. 4, 2024

Bob Benner

Speaker – Bob Benner


Bob has had a varied life filled with an endless need to learn about and try new things: He’s mostly known as an educator, farmer and entrepreneur. He and Jean live on a farm on Long Island where they wrestle with retirement. Recently after a long list of life interests, Bob has come to invest time working on one 1922 Model T Touring and a 1924 Model TT truck.

Bob and Jean have been attending this fellowship since they bought a home in Hernando in 2008. In other talks to the congregation Bob has tried to elicit conversations with attendees that gave us more insight into each of us. This talk, hopefully, will give the participants some tools to enhance their lives.

Topic: Breaking the ice and getting to know you

Bob will pass along a couple of tools he’s used for years to initiate conversations and opening dialogues.

Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024

UU Rev Janet Onnie

UU Rev Janet Onnie


The Reverend Janet Onnie has supplied pulpits, trained congregations in Lay Pastoral Care, and facilitated workshops on organizational and leadership development and conflict management. As an outspoken supporter of professional clergy Rev. Onnie has served as a mentor and intern supervisor to ministers in formation and a good officer to troubled ministries. She was named Minister Emerita of the Tri-County Unitarian Universalists (FL) and served first, as treasurer, then as President of the Florida Chapter of the UU Ministers Association. As a founder of and contributor to interfaith organizations she is a passionate advocate for social justice issues in cooperation with interfaith partners and allies and is a frequent contributor to newspapers and public forums. Rev. Onnie retired to Staunton, Virginia in January 2021, where she continues to supply local pulpits and, via Zoom, completed service as sabbatical minister for congregations in Canada and California. She also revived her pre-ministerial career as a professional musician, serving as Board member and volunteer coordinator for the Staunton Music Festival, playing with the Charlottesville Band and the Rockbridge Symphony Orchestra.

Topic: “What’s Love Got to do With It?””

The meta-narrative of the postmodern era is evolution: Evolution in the sense of understanding that everything is constantly changing. Love, according to mystics Matthew Fox and Ilia Delio, is the fundamental energy propelling evolution. We will unpack this thinking and relate it to the current conversation regarding the revision of Article II in the Unitarian Universalist bylaws that centers love in a restatement of our principles.

Sunday, Feb. 18, 2024

UU Rev Cynthia Snavely

Speaker – UU Rev Cynthia Snavely


Rev. Cynthia Snavely currently serves Tri-County Unitarian Universalists in Summerfield, FL and the UU Congregation of Lake County in Eustis, FL as their interim minister. Rev. Snavely began her ministry as a United Methodist and moved into Unitarian Universalist ministry in the early 90s. She has served congregations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina as well as Florida. She currently lives in Lady Lake, FL with her daughter and four grandsons.

Topic: A Calling: The Role of the Minister

Today’s speaker will share with us what she has learned over the course of forty years in ministry beginning with serving two small congregations in Pennsylvania in the eighties through currently serving two congregations again here in Florida. Serving two congregations is not so different than having two children. You love them both, but they need different things from you. Knowing what those different needs are can only be learned in the process of parenting or ministering.

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2024

Commissioned Lay Minister Alberita (Albie) Johnson

Speaker – Commissioned Lay Minister Alberita (Albie) Johnson


Minister Alberita Johnson, Albie, is a minister and poet. She considers life a series of journeys and looks forward to them all. She was ordained in the Baptist Faith and served as Religious Educator. She received her commissioning in ministry with the Unitarian Universalist Association in September 2023 and began a second career.

Min. Albie is currently serving All Faiths Unitarian Congregation as interim Minister and is also serving Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism as part time CL Minister. Prior to that, she served as Child and Youth Program Director. She brings over 20 years of ministry experience, is a lover of poetry and circle leadership of inclusiveness, weaving poems and storytelling with humor while preaching. She embraces diversity, equity and inclusion as love is centered in her ministry.


There is a magical element found in music. It speaks to the masses in sound and rhythm. Its power soothes the savage beast and calms a restless baby. Here in the US, we have a rich history that our varied people created. And there is one people of this nation whose sounds and rhythms are unique and popular and has influenced and instituted not just one genre but many. Those genres rest on a foundation of the African American populace. We will explore the magical influences of the history and contribution to the industry called music through the lens of music and sounds of blackness in America.