CSAIS Congregation Poll


Request for our members to learn about and express you opinion by voting in this Congregation Poll.

Our Fellowship will be voting as a part of the Unitarian Universalist Association by taking a hand count next Sunday.
Your vote along with members of our community determines if these Congregation Study/Action Issues should be added to the 2018 General Assembly Agenda.
Please refer to page entitled Section 4: Congregation Poll. The Congregational Study/Action Issues are issues selected by member congregations of the U.U.
for four years of study reflection and in the 4th year action.

The social witness process is the method by which the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) comes to understand and act on the social issues of our times.
As a Congregation and a member of the UUA we bear witness through statements adopted as Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) policy by the delegates of a
General Assembly (GA).
The process has been an integral part of our faith since the merger between the Unitarians and the Universalists in 1961.

  1. Undoing Intersectional White Supremacy

    Issue: Racism is fundamental to U.S. social systems. White supremacy culture operates economically,
    institutionally, politically, and culturally, shaping everyone’s chances to live healthy, fulfilling lives. It is
    also the nation’s most toxic export, shaping policies and practices that do profound harm to the Earth and all
    living things.
    Please see click here for more information.

  2. Dismantling Intersectional Oppression submitted by the Unitarian Universalist

    Issue: Systemic injustices intersect across environment, race, gender and all other forms of oppression.
    Identifying the underlying mechanisms which enable systemic and intersecting injustices enables us to
    mitigate their harm. Intersectional justice calls us to work together across oppressions and become a
    movement of movements
    Please see click here for more information.

You are asked to learn about these two Congregation Study/Action Issues (CSAIs). You will find specific information related to these on line at:
www.uua.org/action/process/csais. There is 1 page of information on Undoing Intersectional White Supremacy and 1 and 1/2 pages on Dismantling Intersectional Oppression.

While the information may seem challenging, you might also refer to UUA magazine and other reference material in the information pages or possibly other U.U. congregations for clarity.

If you find other helpful materials/information please share this, you many email Sheila Woods, at [email protected].

Please click on this link to view the informational sheet that was handled out on Sunday, January 21st. The link at the bottom of the hand-out should be www.uua.org/action/process/csais.

A member who will not be present,this coming Sunday has requested that she be able to vote
on the two issues (there are two Congregational Study/Action Issues).

If you wish to vote on these 2 issues, and you will not be present: you can either:

  1. Give your vote to a friend and ask them to include your vote (proxy vote) in the hand count on Sunday.
  2. Or send to your VP [email protected], an email that sends your vote on each of the 2 issues.

NCUU: Congregation Poll vote:

Issue 1. Undoing White Supremacy Yes, or , No or Abstain.

Issue 2. Dismantling Intersectional Oppression Yes, or No or Abstain.