Smudging Ceremony Response


Results from Smudging Ceremony Response

New Year’s member blessings/wishes for the Fellowship after the spiritually renewing Smudging Ceremony:

My wish is for every member to become more involved & active to make NCUU the Best!

Continuing with what our fellowship is doing. It’s such a wonderful gathering of people. 🙂

Grow membership.

Happiness & peace & health for members. New members that remain and contribute. Spiritual growth for member & friends.

A Good Year At NCUU.

Great membership & friendly people.

New Members.

I wish present members would stay and volunteer for committee work. I wish we’d have a $$$ windfall to pay off our mortgage.

Respect for all Kindness fulfillment more active members.

Kindness and Patience

More Focus On Spirituality & Meditation


more acceptances of others’ differences of ideas, opinions, etc

less drama